Our Team

Our Team

The Vigyan Dhara faculty team is an unmatched intellectual group of veteran mentors, who have outstanding combination of proven record, experience, qualification & intellect. We take proud our leading faculty have perfect blend of subject knowledge, experience and the art to teach the most complex topic in a very lucid way We believe that people who have conquered IIT-JEE/NEET themselves and also have rich experience of sending thousands of students to medical and engineering colleges are better equipped to train students for medical and engineering than any other coaching  team.
Furthermore, the unidirectional efforts by members of faculty team to create an optimal environment for IIT-JEE/NEET preparation is a unique effort unparalleled in history.
Our faculty team takes inputs from the belief that the role of a teacher is not simply to impart knowledge but to help the students seek more learning. A perfect blend of intellect, subject knowledge, experience and the art to teach the most complex subjects in a very clear and understanding way makes the faculty of Vigyan Dhara, the best team under one roof. All the members of the faculty team at Vigyan Dhara are completely oriented for their students’ success. Our faculty is committed to provide their best support inside and outside classrooms.
Physics for JEE Main & Advanced, NEET & AIIMS
Memorizing formulae is certainly not a method to solve Physics paper. Think of Physics as a set of interesting theories and laws which explain the working of nature. My aim is to not only impart knowledge of the subject but also help attain expertise over speed, accuracy, philosophy & concepts for an all-round achievement. I, with my profound knowledge and hefty experience, can deal with all your problems only to help you understand and memorize the logical concepts behind them.
Chemistry for JEE Mains & Advanced, NEET & AIIMS
For any goal to be achieved, one needs to have profound knowledge and adequate determination. I believe in students’ success and their continous improvement. Cracking a competitive examination is all about “application of subject knowledge in the limited time under huge stress”. So I believe, where there is a will there is a way. 



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