Subject Concept Understanding

Subject Concept Understanding

At VIGYAN DHARA, we are exclusively focused on IIT-JEE/NEET, just to ensure that our students get the best possible VIGYAN DHARA team Know Success in Competitive Entrance Exams is entirely dependent on fundamental understanding of subjects. Questions in Competitive Entrance Exam require a fundamental understanding on the concepts depth of subject and quick application in exam in time bound manner.
Our classroom teaching has to focus on developing an understanding of basic concepts and their applications. Hence teachers have to focus on explaining concepts and their applications, and it is felt that during preparation for entrance exams very little efforts and time should be spent on memorizing formulas. This practice is in line with Competitive exams culture, where most exams are open book and students are allowed to take their books and exams in classroom. This is in direct contrast to school examinations where have to remember vast amount of content to do well in exams.
The programs and courses at concept are constantly upgraded to ensure that they remain challenging and relevant. At VIGYAN DHARA concept, research and Development activities are also practiced along with teaching. To instill confidence and competence in students, the institute conducts periodic test at a proper gap and method of cracking examination are discussed frequently. These regular tests give students a chance to rectify their mistakes and build test temperaments.
Reports of feed back of the tests are sent to the parents by SMS. If students face any problem, counseling is provided to them readily. Students are exposed from basic to highly challenging tough problems in the form of study material, and Test Papers to sharpen their problem solving skills.
VIGYAN DHARA has modeled its teaching methodology in consonance with the latest trends worldwide. We have technology equipped classrooms where audio-visual aids are used to impart knowledge to the students. The academic environment at VIGYAN DHARA is of healthy competition. We encourage formation of discussion groups amongst our students and they are allowed to use our Group Discussion Rooms to hold discussions amongst themselves and for individual student study have separate library for girls and boys and mobile are not allowed in the VIGYAN DHARA for introversion conversion of the students.

VIGYAN DHARA has various test series to help students learn, retain and understand the topics covered in the classroom. Precise simulation of the real examination helps students train their nerves, develop a winning strategy and focus on key areas to enhance their chances to clear IIT-JEE/NEET entrance exams. 


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